Friday, February 12, 2010

Lyme Disease Cause Green Stool Can Lyme Disease Cause Heart Problems?

Can Lyme Disease cause heart problems? - lyme disease cause green stool

Finally, I was with the Lyme disease diagnosed in January this year, after a year of constant pain. It has caused neurological problems, according to some of my doctors. I'm hardly in a position to my right leg and foot without touching hard power as a sensation. Do you think this could be done undo? In the past year, he began to notice mild to moderate chest and heart complaints. For 9 or 10 months, I experienced a burning pain in the chest, afraid of what I could say I have not yet published this information. Realized in my last two appointments, no, it keeps my heart rate over 115, despite the daily use of beta-blockers. He also noticed a strange noise and noise in the chest. Could this seriously when I looked at my secure website my diforecast of the visit was confirmed as cardiac arrhythmias. It was decided before I have to release full medical license, that I have a complete physical work. I'm nervous that my condition worsened. At the head of Lyme disease diagnosed since fibromyalgia, myoclonus syndrome, hypermobility, degenerative disc disease and persistent headache, mild focal kyphosis of the cervical spine, slight discoloration of the disc which indicates that any sign of early degenerative disc desiccation mild central canal stenosis, secondary to an annular slight edge. They also received a diagnosis of osteopenia and scoliosis, nerve damage (a watery)


The Markster said...

To answer your question ... Absolutely.
In fact, one of the biggest problems that all doctors who found the support will have, or may lead to an active infection have Lyme. The most severe inflammation around the heart, the result means that "AV block", is basically a cardiac arrest.
However, Lyme disease can be treated well and not surprised that most of their problems are connected, if not the direct result of BB-(Borrelia burgderfori) spirochete dissemination throughout the body.
After treatment with antibiotics, which get worse before improving, but will be better ... Monthly waves, w / ups and downs on the road.
Now ... No serious symptoms, especially during the days of weeks ... donind month (!)
must be brought to the attention of your doc ... so that they correctly diagnose and treat YOU!
Being "afraid" of what a doctor may give you no excuse to suffer needlessly.
And, yes, like electrical sensations are also common in the history of Lyme disease. This will be solved with his overall recovery.
I do not know what his age, but some degeneration of the bones would probably be permanent. But if you are your own immune system more accountable, many questions have been reversed. Best of luck!

Dekayel said...

Yes, Lyme can cause heart problems. Yes, you can do it too many other symptoms you report. It is important that you be seen by a specialist affiliated with ILADS Lyme - International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society. And it is important that you learn as much as possible about yourself, you may need the kind of care you. Pursue

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