Friday, January 29, 2010

What To Write In A Sympathy Card Cancer Is It Appropriate To Send A Sympathy Card To An Out Of State Relative That Is Terminally Ill?

Is it appropriate to send a sympathy card to an out of state relative that is terminally ill? - what to write in a sympathy card cancer

Cousin of my husband has a terminal lung cancer and less than 2 weeks. My husband threw a sympathy card and I thought I would give to surrender the family after his cousin. You are not in a position and may attend. But then I saw that he had treated his cousin. I was surprised myself. Is it normal for a ticket to die for someone who did not particularly close, or send a lot of memories? I was looking for information on the sympathy cards and write all the proposals in relation to parents and not the dying. All personal opinions and experiences would be helpful.


Erin said...

I agree that maybe a card, good humor over at this point can be appreciated.
I think the second cousin will likely want to hear from you and know that even if you do not know very well that you think of them and remember

Grace St. Andrew said...

A sympathy card is dark. How about joy, fun em type of card?

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